Jintan Putih vs. Jintan Manis

I know I’m not the only one with this confusion. Jintan putih is cumin, whereas jintan manis is fennel.

This is cumin/jintan putih :

And this is fennel/jintan manis :

Nampak macam sama je kan?

Okay, these are what I found out (among others) about these 2 spices:

  1. Cumin is more elongated with pointed ends while fennel is a little rounder and has a darker shade.
  2. Cumin is slightly hotter than fennel.
  3. Cumin is used for the aroma, while fennel is used for the flavor.
  4. Too much cumin will cause your food to become bitter.
  5. The best way to release the aroma of cumin is to have it lightly roasted and crushed before using as ingredient for cooking.

For more info, go to The Encyclopedia of Spices. The link is on the sidebar of this blog.

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5 thoughts on “Jintan Putih vs. Jintan Manis

  1. Can anybody help me here…… I know now what is fennel and what is cumin but please tell me if any of these are related to caraway seeds…???? What is the local name for caraway – either in bahasa melayu or bahasa Indoensia. Please email me at handoko1704@gmail.com. Thanks very much.

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